Sep 01 2009
FREE Pillar song TODAY only!


Did you hear the new Pillar song "Secrets and Regrets"? It's from their new album "Confessions" that comes out September 22.

We're already playing that new single for you on Air 1, but how about you can also download it FREE?


The catch? It's a one-day-only download! Don't say we didn't tell you about it! :) 

Aug 11 2009
Pillar Confessions

Wow, Rob from Pillar REALLY got to me with this video! It's obvious he has a heart for God and for reaching people. You'll have to see for yourself why "Confessions" is the perfect title for Pillar's upcoming album (out September 22, 2009) ... and how it could totally change and challenge your relationship with God.

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