Aug 10 2009
Air 1 artists are expecting!

If you missed my show tonight, we were joking around about "things you don't tell pregnant women", like "when are you due" (answer: um, I just had the baby...he's right here in the stroller") or "sorry, we ran out of -insert food craving here-". You better get a pregnant woman what she's craving...NOW! :) 

So if you run into any of these Air 1 artists who are expecting, just don't ask that question, comment on "how big she is", and make sure you get whatever food she's craving.

Jeremy & Adie Camp are expecting baby #3!

Adie recently shared in her blog, "It's crazy to think that I'm 3 months already. My weekly update said the baby is 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig, or a plum.  Even tho this is our third, it seems to get more amazing each time. I'm blown away by the wonderful miracle of life that God has created. We truly do serve an amazing Creator."

Mike Donehey & wife are expecting a baby girl!

Mike recently tweeted, "Our party of 7 just skipped a 1hr long line for pizza under the Brooklyn bridge thanks to my pregnant wife an old Italian man and Gods favor