Oct 03 2011
Luminate's New One

The guys from Tyler, TX, Luminate ("Come Home") are back with an edgier sound in their new song this week on Air1.

Touring right now with Big Daddy Weave and Kerrie Roberts on the Love Come to Life Tour, here's Luminate's new one, "Innocent."

May 12 2011
"Come Home"

Love this song, "Come Home", by the band Luminate. Has such a great meaning behind it. Below they talk about the story behind it.

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Apr 14 2011
A Struggle With Perfection...

You've heard the Air1 Behind the Music of Luminate's "Healing in Your Arms". Here's Samuel Hancock going a little deeper:


Feb 15 2011
Video: New Music with Nikki

Nikki at Night here talking New Music for this week--A new one from Chris August, plus a new artist, Luminate: