Oct 26 2009
LIVE Leeland on Air 1 Morning Show!

In case you missed the tweet from Air 1 Sean earlier, Leeland will be his special guest band on the Air 1 Morning Show tomorrow morning! Check out the details Leeland posted on their website:

Leeland will be live on Air 1 tomorrow morning (Tuesday 10/27) at 10:30am ET/9:30 am CT. Visit Air1.com and click "Listen Now" to hear a live song or two as well as some commentary from the guys.

Aug 21 2009

Leeland's new album "Love is on the move" comes out in just 4 days! Apparently, they're so excited about it, they're giving away FREE stuff! Check it out:


--You can listen to the entire album FREE before it comes out, August 25th. 
--Get the FREE MP3 of the title track "Love is on the move"
--Get FREE sheet music and a video teaching you to play their song "Follow You". (Perfect for church worship bands...I might even use it for mine!)

Enjoy your Leeland freebies! 

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