Feb 14 2013
Jeremy Camp To Perform On FoxNews Online LIVE

Jeremy Camp will be performing on FoxNews online LIVE tomorrow to talk about his new album Reckless and his book I Still Believe.
Jeremy released his highly anticipated album Reckless on Tuesday. For the album, Camp drew inspiration from the disciple Paul's story in Acts 14- specifically when Paul returns to Lystra where he had previously been stoned, to share the gospel of Christ. Though many have viewed Paul as crazy, Jeremy's view is that Paul was reckless in his devotion to the Lord. "[Paul] wasn't being crazy for crazy's sake, saying 'I don't care what's going to happen. I just want to go,'" Camp explains. "No, when you feel God calling you to do something, you have to be obedient. And that's the difference. Paul was just obedient. That's what reckless is."

Jeremy will also be talking about his book I Still Believe, in which Jeremy shares the story of his first wife Melissa, who passed away from cancer just months after they married. "I knew that eventually I wanted to write a book and share that story," he said. "It wasn’t the right time 12 years ago when my wife went to be with the Lord. God had to teach me a lot of things. There were so many things God had to teach me in order to write this book and really share what God has done. Through tragedy has come healing and restoration."

You can watch Jeremy live tomorrow by going to http://live.foxnews.com/ at 1:20 PM ET / 12:20 PM CST.

Aug 09 2012
Jeremy Camp "Overcome"

Here is the official video for Jeremy Camp's song, "Overcome"! 

Jul 03 2011
Video: An Inspirational Reunion

As a musician, Jeremy Camp get's to meet so many people each day. There was 1 man though that changed both lives 9 yrs ago:

Jun 22 2011
Germany, Switzerland, Denmark--Oh My!

Even if you've never been to Europe, Jeremy Camp wanted to bring you along for the ride:

May 31 2011
Giveaway and an Opening Pitch!

In between all of his touring, Jeremy Camp has been busy!

First, he's giving you a chance to pick-up an autographed copy of his new book "I Still Believe" plus all the CDs he's put out so far, just for following him on Twitter here

Then, he had a chance to head to Houston, TX to be part of the Houston Astros Baseball Faith and Family Night (yes, was a little sad I wasn't there). He threw the first pitch of the game and performed afterwards: