Apr 07 2011
Jars of Clay get invaded by robots!

During Jars of Clay’s set in Charleston, ME the band seemed to have some company onstage with them.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn some robotic dance moves, here is your chance. Haha


Feb 04 2011
VIDEO: "Shelter" Explained

A couple of months ago, Air1 Coppelia posted a video from Jars of Clay describing their latest CD "The Shelter."

Now, here's lead singer Dan Haseltine unfolding the thought behind our new Air1 addition, "Shelter":


Oct 01 2010
Faith Like a Child

Remember the story of the loaves and fishes?

Mark 8 talks about one of Jesus’ most famous miracles. There was a crowd of 4000 people and Jesus knew that they needed to be fed. The disciples brought what they had to Jesus - seven loaves of bread and a few small fish. Jesus took, He multiplied, and fed the whole crowd!

With faith like a child, we can have that same faith today--we bring to the Lord what we have and trust that He'll multiply. Can you give and see how Jesus multiples what you bring to Him? See what he can do with your loaves and fishes! Call 1-888-YES-AIR1 (937-2471) or give online.


Jun 24 2009
NEW Jars of Clay video "Two Hands"

This is such a great Jars of Clay video! They mixed in clips of the guys in Africa, during a life-changing trip ... which almosts makes this a life-changing video. See for yourself ...


Jun 06 2009
The story behind "Two Hands"

The Jars of Clay guys talk about the idea and inspiration behind their latest song "Two Hands".

Jars of Clay: Stories Behind the Songs (2 of 7) from Jars of Clay on Vimeo.