Nov 30 2011
Jamie Grace on The 700 Club

Jamie Grace was recently on The 700 Club! She talks about getting signed through Youtube, her music, family, faith, and how she deals with having tourette syndrome. 

Oct 25 2011
Jamie Grace Unplugged

Jamie Grace's song "Not Alone" unplugged. What an amazing voice she has!

Sep 26 2011
Another Hit for Jamie Grace?

Her debut album, "One Song at a Time," just released on Sept. 20th, and for 19 years old, Jamie Grace ("Hold Me") has the skills!


From her new CD, new music this week is the new one from Jamie, "You Lead."

Jul 05 2011
Jamie Grace and Royal Tailor Mash-Up

Jamie Grace and Royal Tailor join to sing this lovely mix. And by lovely, I mean crazy.  

May 28 2011
Jamie Grace and Anthem Lights Mash-Up

Jamie Grace and Anthem Lights got together at a music festival in South Carolina recently and decided to randomly do a fun cover together!