Feb 14 2012
Jamie Grace At The Grammys

Jamie Grace was a nominee at the Grammys this year. Check out this interview she did while on the red carpet!

Feb 10 2012
Love Songs From Jamie Grace

With Valentine's Day coming up real fast, Jamie Grace decided to post 14 days of love songs.

Here are just a few. Hope they make your heart melt, like mine did. :)

Jan 24 2012
Jamie Grace, Dara Maclean, Nirva, and Many More...

Jamie Grace, Dara Maclean, and many others joined together and covered the song "Hallelujah". Such a beautiful cover with so many talented women!

Dec 12 2011
Jamie Grace Sings Some Christmas Tunes

Jamie Grace recently recorded some Christmas songs! Such has such a beautiful voice! Check some of them out below. 

Dec 01 2011
Jamie Grace Sings a Christmas Tune