Apr 06 2011
Hyland Announces May Tour With Wavorly

Hyland announced today 'The Mother, May I? Tour" with Wavorly and Abandon Kansas.

The tour starts May 13th and goes till June 4th.

Actual dates and cities will be posted soon.

To see what concerts are coming through your area make sure to check out our music page.

Below is a little sneak peek of Hyland's new album "Weights & Measures", which will be out May 3, 2011. 

Mar 07 2011
Hyland's Gear GONE!

If it's not members of a band saying their farewells, it seems like gear is getting stolen. That's the case for new Air1 addition Hyland.

Just this weeked, the guys had not only their merchandise, but their whole trailer and livelihood taken...from the church parking lot of all places!! Here's a little of what lead singer Jon Lewis had to say on the loss:

"So here I sit, the day after, wondering what the next step is. I just got done doing a radio interview Thursday evening about how God’s power is made perfect in weakness.  Can I still lean on that realization after something like this??"

You can check out the entire story (and see how you may help) by clicking here. And if you can, send a little prayer these guys way!

Feb 28 2011
Video: New Music with JB

Our Overnight Man himself, JB, is up and ready to bring you 2 new songs from Hyland ("This Love is Free") & Mikeschair ("Straight to Your Heart"):