Jul 12 2012
Group 1 Crew Official Music Video for "He Said"

Here is the world premiere and Air1 exclusive video for Group 1 Crew's song "He Said"!! 

Jun 14 2012
Group 1 Crew's Outta Space Love

WARNING: This music video will make you want to dance...a lot.

Here is the new music video for Group 1 Crew's song "Outta Space Love"

May 17 2012
Group 1 Crew and Tait Perform Together

Blanca Callahan of Group 1 Crew and Michael Tait of the Newsboys sang at the Doves earlier this year! Check out their amazing performance below:

Jan 24 2012
Jamie Grace, Dara Maclean, Nirva, and Many More...

Jamie Grace, Dara Maclean, and many others joined together and covered the song "Hallelujah". Such a beautiful cover with so many talented women!

May 02 2011
People are talking...

What some Air1 Artist are saying/Tweeting about the death of Osama Bin Laden: