Feb 23 2010
FREE Superchic[k] download!

You get 2 great things with this free Superchic[k] download --an awesome Superchic[k] song & an intimate look at Superchic[k] singer/guitarrist Melissa Brock.



Did you know she struggled with an eating disorder when she was 15? Melissa knows what it's like to "... not feel pretty, to feel fat, to feel like no one would ever want to be with you or even be friends with you because you feel so bad about yourself. BUT I also know how it feels to be free from those pressures and feel a love and acceptance that isn’t humanly possible." Read her story.


Superchic[k] wants u to have this free download, but it's this week only, February 21-27, in support of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Check it out!

Sep 01 2009
FREE Pillar song TODAY only!


Did you hear the new Pillar song "Secrets and Regrets"? It's from their new album "Confessions" that comes out September 22.

We're already playing that new single for you on Air 1, but how about you can also download it FREE?


The catch? It's a one-day-only download! Don't say we didn't tell you about it! :)