Jun 22 2011
Royal Tailor Showing You Some Moves

 Royal Tailor was recently in the studio, giving Coppelia some dance lessons.

Maybe you can learn some of the moves as well.

Apr 18 2011
New Music's Look on Redemption

We're featuring a new song this week from Sanctus Real, "The Redeemer," & Coppelia (w/special DJ guest, Mike) talk about how they've been redeemed by God:


Mar 21 2011
Video: New Music--Addison Road

Coppelia brings us the new song from Addison Road("Don't Wait")...with a little entertainment at the end.



Feb 21 2011
Video: New Music with Coppelia

It's new music time, so here's your favorite Midday DJ Coppelia chatting about the new one from a new band Anthem Lights:


Mar 01 2010
Choose your fave new Air 1 song!

We just added two new songs to the Air 1 playlist this week!



Fee “Everything Falls” from the album Hope Rising





Revive — “Blink” from the album Blink








I hope you love Fee's "Everything Falls"...



...and our Air 1 prize princess Melissa hopes you love Revive's "Blink".


Which one's your favorite? Post a comment & let us know!