Feb 27 2012
Brant's Update #2

Brant makes it to the CURE Hospital in Afghanistan and finally meets Nazare!


Feb 25 2012
Brant's Update #1

Check out Brant's first update from his trip with CURE in Afghanistan. 

Nov 04 2011
A Positive Attitude...For King & Country

Get ready to enjoy some "music" in this Positive Attitude Moment with brothers Luke and Joel from For King & Country and the afternoons man, Brant


Now, for some real music from For King & Country--their song "Busted Heart" in studio

Sep 06 2011
Anthem Lights to the EXTREME

This may just put you in a positive alternative! Thanks Afternoon man Brant and Anthem Lights!


Also, check out Anthem Lights' live performance of "I Wanna Know You Like That"

Aug 31 2011
If You Missed Plumb...

...Or Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay), here are the interviews with our Awesome Afternoon Man Brant.

Dan Haseltine on "Drifting"



Plumb talks about the influence for "Drifting"