May 31 2011
Matt Hammitt's New Release

Matt Hammitt from Sanctus Real released his new song called "All of Me". Such a great message. Gave me goose bumps just watching the video below. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Feb 28 2011
Heart Messages for Bowen

Sanctus Real is one of the bands we play a lot on Air 1. They're the guys that sing "Lead Me" and they have a killer version of U2's "Beautiful Day".


Lead singer Matt's son Bowen is going in for heart surgery this week.

Bowen's oldest sister Emmy just turned 5, and for her birthday project in school she had to write 3 wishes. She only had 1: "I wish Bowen wasn't sick".

They would love it if you would share a message or prayer for Bowen to read when he grows up.

Click on the "3 Wishes" if you want to share your own wish and prayer for their family.