Jun 23 2011
Beckah Shae and Montell Jordan

Check out these 2 videos of Beckah Shae collaborating with Montell Jordan ("This is how we do it" - 90s flashback!) and let us know what you think!


Jun 11 2011
Beckah Shae travels to Kenya

Beckah Shae recently went to Kenya to love of the kids there. Here is a video from her trip.

Apr 28 2011
Beckah Shae Says This is NOT Okay...

Beckah Shae shares her passion towards The A21 Campaign and the fight against human trafficking.

Apr 13 2011
Beckah Shae's New Single

Loving this new single "Put Your Love Glasses On" from Beckah Shae.

Makes me want to dance around the studio whenever I hear it! haha

Feb 11 2011
Beckah Shae's Love Snack

Yeah, it's a Love "Snack", not a love shack!

Beckah and her hubby/producer put together a love-themed "Scripture Snack", just for you on Valentine's!