Aug 02 2011
Clean Water for Families NOW

One Water of Life water filter can give 60 people clean water for a lifetime, and it's only $55. Check out the grossness that Ashton grabbed that turned into life: 

Jul 15 2011
Behind RED's New Video

Tons of people were on hand with the making of RED's video "Lie To Me," including one of our very own (stop at 2:51 or you may miss Ashton in the sunglasses):

Jun 25 2011
Senior Photo Saturday

Mandisa challenged us to post pictures from our yearbook for "Senior Photo Saturday" today.

Here are some from our afternoon guy, Ashton. So stylish:

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Apr 22 2011
In Need of an Extra (or 2)

A new music video is on the horizon for RED, and they are needing a helping hand from YOU.

On Tuesday, April 26th, RED will be shooting their next music video, and they're in need of about 50-100 extras to stand around for one of the scenes. No, it's not a paid gig, but who cares--it's RED's Music Video!

Click the picture to find out more! (Thanks to Air1 Ashton for passing the word along)

Mar 30 2011
Video: Who Are Anthem Lights

They may have awesome hair that some may wish for (ahem, Air1's JB, Ashton), but Anthem Lights are more then that: