May 13 2011
A Forever Family

Anthem Lights shared this video on twitter today and I thought it was pretty interesting. If you are thinking of adoption or have and just don't have the funds, One Chance Foundation can help! I didn't know there was a foundation like this! Really awesome!




May 04 2011
Anthem Lights Can't Get Over You

Anthem Lights talks about the meaning behind their new song "Can't Get Over You"

Way different meaning to the song than you would first think.

May 01 2011
To Not Be Quiet

To ring in their new CD, Anthem Lights will feature a "Behind the Track" video every day until release date (5/10). First up--"Can't Shut Up."


Apr 13 2011
Anthem Lights takes you behind the scenes

Anthem Lights is giving you a sneak peek of their new music video for their song “Can’t Shut Up”.

Thankfully, during the video, nothing caught on fire...

…except for Kyle’s hair. Oops!

Apr 06 2011
Anthem Lights gone Bieber?!

Does Anthem Lights have Bieber Fever or just boredom?

Saw this video today and laughed the whole way through.

Check out their sweet dance moves and shades! haha