Aug 30 2011
Anthem Lights Interview

If you missed the guys of Anthem Lights on with Brant yesterday, here's a chance to catch it all:


Jul 14 2011
Anthem Lights Says Thanks

Anthem Lights is having such a great year so far and they wanted to thank their fans by posting this video of their song "Outta My Mind".

Jun 30 2011
Anthem Lights Mess Ups

Bloopers from the last Anthem Lights post. No one is perfect, not even these guys.

Jun 24 2011
Anthem Lights Covers...

Anthem Lights did a cover for a song called "Good Life". My goodness these guys can sing!!

Jun 17 2011
Still Time to Win

You still have time to share that lesson your dad has taught you in life and possibly win a CD from these guys (Anthem Lights):