Jun 09 2011
Help Write a Song

Music writing really is a skill, a talent. If you have it, YOU could help! Caleb from Anthem Lights is stuck and looking for ideas:

Email ideas to anthemlights@gmail.com with subject "Caleb's Song"

May 28 2011
Jamie Grace and Anthem Lights Mash-Up

Jamie Grace and Anthem Lights got together at a music festival in South Carolina recently and decided to randomly do a fun cover together!

May 27 2011
Anthem Lights Explains "Can't Get Over You"

Anthem Lights talks about their song "Can't Get Over You" and also shares an awesome acoustic video of the song! Sounds great guys!

May 21 2011
1 Weekend, 1 CD, 1 Person Wins

Not everyone has the cash flow to buy new CDs always, but winning one--nice! That's what Anthem Lights is offering:

May 14 2011
Missed the Party?


Anthem Lights had their CD release party earlier this week, but if you missed it, here you go:



Watch live streaming video from plglive at livestream.com