Aug 22 2012
New Owl City

Owl City just released his new album "The Midsummer Station" yesterday and he is already #1 in Japan! Not bad Adam Young, not bad.  Vote for it tonight on Mixology Live!

Tha album seems to be getting a lot of great feedback and reviews. Make sure you pick up a copy!

He is on the front page of iTunes along with our buddies, Tenth Avenue North!  

The rest of this week, Mixology Live will have new music from The Midsummer Station available to vote onto Air1! Make sure to vote! 

Jul 11 2012
Owl City Live

In case you don't get to see Owl City this summer, here is a live performance of his song "Dream Don't Turn To Dust". It is quite lovely, and just makes me want to go see him live even more than ever now.

I guess it didn't cure that for me haha! 


Also check to see if he will be playing a show near you this year! He just announced his world tour! 

Oct 19 2011
Owl City In Japan

Adam Young from Owl City is clearly SO excited to go to Japan.

Jul 25 2011
Owl City and LOTR

Adam Young from Owl City made his family watch Lord Of The Rings (LOTR) with him and he tweeted commentary as it was all happening. Pretty funny if you ask me. Makes me want to watch movies with his family all the time.