Dec 08 2011
LET GOd Work

Check out this amazing clothing company/ministry that a lot of artists are talking about! 

Their mission is to show the hope of Jesus Christ through loving people and being positive. Awesome, simple, and they have cool clothing! 

Here are just a few artists that believe and support LET GOd Work:



Here is an exmaple of just a couple of their awesome items:

Also, just for Air1 listeners, if you type in "air1radio" into the discount code box, you get 20% off everything! Pretty awesome!! Great idea for Christmas presents.


Jun 08 2011
The Almost's Side Project

Aaron Gillespie from The Almost has a side project of all worship music. He recently went on a missions trip to Haiti with his wife, Jamie. While on the trip he did a music video for one of his songs "We Were Made For You". So amazing seeing him worship with the kids of Haiti and his wife! His worship album "Anthem Song" is available now!

Feb 10 2011
Aaron Gillespie on God

Ooooooh, this is so good! You might have heard Aaron's new song "We Were Made for You" on Air 1.

He's not just singing about God...he's daring us to do something different with God.

Dare to find out what it is? Watch the video...

Apr 05 2010
Aaron Gillespie quit...


In case you heard the rumor, it's true.

Aaron Gillespie (drummer for Underoath, lead singer for The Almost) quit Underoath.

Underoath announced on their myspace blog that Aaron and the band were parting ways on good terms and Aaron will be "...pursuing other musical and ministry endeavors."

Aaron also answered a few questions on The Almost's myspace blog to let fans know it's all good. 

See? It's all good.

And it'll be cool to see what Aaron's going to be doing next!