Apr 08 2009
The Afters on The Rock and Worship Roadshow? Yeah!


It's true!  The Afters are joining The Rock and Worship Roadshow tomorrow and Friday!  By now you probably heard that Addison Road did their last show on the tour this past weekend.  Their lead singer, Jenny, is expecting her baby girl any day now!  So a few other bands will be stepping in for Addison Road on the rest of the tour.  And I just got word that The Afters will be at the next two shows, April 9th in Denver, CO; and April 10th in Wichita, KS. 

Here are more details on The Rock and Worship Roadshow.  

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Apr 07 2009
The Wrecking's love affair

You know that feeling when you find out someone has a crush on you, and you like them, too?  It's the coolest feeling ever!  Well, that's how Air 1 feels about The Wrecking.  They declared their feelings on their website by stating, "we LOVE Air 1"...and we can't help but say "we LOVE The Wrecking, too!"  Ah, love.  

If you haven't discovered The Wrecking yet, check out their website.  You can also hear them on Air 1.  Their latest hit, "You remain" is one of the top Air 1 Hits this week. 

By the way, they did a cover of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" and the video is up on Youtube.  If you ask me, it ROCKS.  But I already liked that song (remember the movie, "Say Anything"?  The scene with John Cusak holding up the radio?  Yeah, that's the song.)  


Apr 06 2009
FM Static's new album out April 7th!!!



I LOVE Canadian music...Hawk Nelson, Downhere, Starfield, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, Feist, Sarah McLachlan...and of course Thousand Foot Krutch and FM Static (who share the lead singer and drummer).  So I am very excited that I'm getting a fresh dose of some new canadian music tomorrow.  FM Static's new album "Dear Diary" comes out tomorrow, April 7th, online and in stores!  You've probably heard "Take me as I am" on Air 1.  It's the debut single from that album...and if that's any indication of how awesome the album's going to be, it's going to be pretty awesome. 

We'll be playing more FM Static (and Hawk and Downhere) soon on Air 1...since you're online, listen now!

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Apr 06 2009
Flyleaf worship

I was lucky enough to catch Flyleaf Saturday night at the Rock and Worship Roadshow in Oklahoma City.  They're not part of every show on the tour, but Jeremy Camp couldn't make this one.  Normally, that would've been sad, right?  But then you're bringing in Flyleaf?!  I was extremely happy about that change!  ;)  Lead singer Lacey not only ROCKED the stage with the guys...she surprised me with an awesome worship set that included one of my favorite songs, Hillsong's "From the Inside Out". 

It. was. awesome.  Worship should be like that every Sunday. 

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Apr 05 2009
Any day now for Addison Road

I don't know if you knew that Jenny, the lead singer for Addison Road, is very, very pregnant and expecting her first baby, Anniston Cate, any day now.  Yesterday she posted on her blog that she started dilating and is 50% effaced--very exciting!!  Keep Jenny and her hubby in prayers for a safe labor and delivery.  And I'm sure they'll be posting baby pics very soon on Jenny's blog.  We can't wait to tell baby "Annie" Happy Birthday!