Apr 17 2009
FM Static #1 on Air 1


FM Static's latest single, "Take me as I am" is #1 on Air 1 this week.  Their latest album, Dear Diary, is the first concept album that lead singer Trevor McNevan ever worked on.  He said it was a ton of fun to put together a whole album where every song is about the "innermost thoughts of a soul-searching teenager".  What's even cooler, he said the inspiration for the album struck him while he was on tour with Skillet last year.  So, if you're loving "Take Me As I Am", check out this video for another song from the album, "Boy Moves to a New Town With Optimistic Outlook".

Apr 16 2009
New member of Addison Road!


It's Baby News Week!  Kutless isn't the only band with a new member (lead singer Jon Micah and his wife just had baby Emily Karis on March 24th).  Just yesterday, Addison Road's lead singer Jenny and husband Ryan (who is also in the band) had a baby girl!  Anniston Cate (Annie) is a little angel!  

Here's a super cute picture, but you can read more and get more pictures on Addison Road's blog.  Keep Jenny and Ryan in prayer as they adapt to being parents and get ready to take Annie on the road with them in a few months!

Apr 15 2009
New member of Kutless family


Hey, did you hear that Kutless has a new member?  Jon Micah and his wife had baby girl Emily Karis just a few weeks ago!  Congrats! 

Isn't this baby pic too adorable?! 

And taking care of a new baby is not the only thing keeping the band busy (at least Jon Micah and his wife).  The guys are working on a new album!!  We'll keep you posted on all the developments right here on the Air 1 Music Blog.   

And while the guys were in the Air 1 studio recently, they helped us bust some myths about what happens when you give financially to Air 1.  The video ROCKS.  At least my husband and I think so, but you can see for yourself.  

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Apr 15 2009
Jars of Clay's take on the Revolution


If you're a fan of Jars of Clay (like me) we have a big reason to be excited--just a few more days and their new CD comes out, The Long Fall Back to Earth!!  It comes out April 21st, but here's a sneak peek

By the way, if you've been listening to Air 1 in the past few days, we've been inviting you to join with us and other believers to support Air 1 financially and in prayer.  If you're already IN, THANKS!!  If not, check out what Jars of Clay has to say about the Revolution.  It's a pretty cool video.  :)  And again, thanks for your support of Air 1!  We could not do what we do without you..it's true...and it rhymes.  :)

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Apr 10 2009
Third Day's Mac Powell answers your calls?


Mac Powell from Third Day stopped by the Air 1 studio and showed us what it's like to be a phone volunteer during the Revolution fundraiser.  If you haven't seen the video, it's worth checking out!

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