Jul 14 2009
David Cook & Needtobreathe on the road!


The Needtobreathe guys have been having fun on the road with American Idol winner, David Cook. They have just a few more shows they're doing together before the band goes off to play at a few more summer festivals and then on to their fall tour.

You can catch Needtobreathe at shows in the Air 1 cities of Midland, TX; Louisville, KY and at Spirit West Coast Monterey, CA. See their tour schedule for more cities & all the details.

And the new Needtobreathe album, "The Outsiders" releases August 25th, so if you're able to catch them on the road before then, you'll get a sneak peek at their new music.

Of course, you can also hear the new single from that album, "Lay 'em Down" on Air 1.

It's one of the Top Air 1 Hits!

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Jul 13 2009
He knocked him down?! In church?!

Whoa. I just read the most amazing story-behind-a-song. Have you heard of Rootdown? It's Paul Wright's new band and we just started playing their new single "Taking Over Me". I just think about the story and ... whoa.

Paul Wright shared the story of how his friend knocked a guy down in church. And how God used that experience to end a cycle of abuse in one household.  And how that inspired Paul to write the song. 

Here's where you can read the story and download the song free.


By the way, the new Rootdown CD releases July 18th (in just 5 days) and they're having a CD release party in the Air 1 city of Eugene, OR!

Jul 10 2009
NEW David Crowder Band song

Have you heard the new David Crowder Band song, "How He Loves"? Rumor has it (through the DCB blog) that the first time David Crowder heard the original version of the song he was on a plane and it made him cry. He hoped he didn't scare the people sitting next to him! 

Dave himself blogged about what happened on the plane, too, so I'm tempted to believe the rumor.

You can hear "How He Loves" on the DCB Myspace page (maybe it'll make you cry, too ...)

By the way, the new DCB album "Church Music" comes out September 22nd, and in addition to this remake, they also cover a Flyleaf song. Sounds great to me!

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Jul 09 2009
Awww, it's Mac Powell's little storm trooper

The things you can get through Twitter! Third Day lead singer Mac Powell was celebrating his son's 7th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Cash!! By the way, that's a very cool Star Wars storm trooper helmet. Oh, wait! It's not a storm trooper, it's a CLONE trooper! Well, it's still very cool. :)

Jul 09 2009
Stellar Kart NEWS

Stellar Kart lead singer Adam Agee confirmed the rumors via Twitter--

yes it's true. cody has left the band. he wants to spend more time at home. our new guitar player is @jonY2K and he is amazing!

don't worry...everything is good, he just feels like God needs him to be somewhere else besides on the road. we wish him the best!

Cody, we're sad to see you go, but you ROCK anyways!! And welcome to Stellar Kart, Jon!!
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