Sep 01 2009
FREE Pillar song TODAY only!


Did you hear the new Pillar song "Secrets and Regrets"? It's from their new album "Confessions" that comes out September 22.

We're already playing that new single for you on Air 1, but how about you can also download it FREE?


The catch? It's a one-day-only download! Don't say we didn't tell you about it! :) 

Aug 27 2009
Air 1 rock dudes love their families

Check out these rock dudes AND chicks you hear on Air 1, and how they LOVE their families:

Third Day's Mark Lee (via Twitter)

Being newly married and constantly on the road was a real struggle. Through that process we learned that our families have to be a ...

... major priority. Who knows how long the band will last, but our marriages will last a lot longer! #erhs

Alyssa Barlow of BarlowGirl (via Twitter)

It's my dads bday!! Gonna go hang with the fam


Skillet's John Cooper (blog)

"One of my favorite songs on the [new album "Awake"] is called "One Day Too Late." It's probably a little sentimental to me. The reason is because I have spent most of my adult life on the road with Skillet. I got married and Korey and I went on the road together. Next, we had kids on the road, and my kids have spent most of their lives on the road! All that to say, we have given every year, month and day to our music and the message. Sometimes I have to step back and realize that maybe I give too much time to this work. Perhaps I need to spend more time working on those relationships with my wife and kids, rather than spending all of my time on the music and ministry of Skillet. Because in the end, who cares how many records we sell, or how many lives are touched, if I ruin my relationships with my family or if I am a bad father, etc. Who knows how much time we have on this earth, and I want to live every day knowing that I lived for the things that really matter." 

Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay (via Twitter)

I've got a fist full of organic animal crackers and a big mug of Ethiopian coffee. I'm ready to pick a fight.

Yeah, that last one was just funny! :)

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Aug 27 2009
Hawk Nelson's dog on the new album cover!

This is THE cutest album cover I've seen in a while:


Did you know that Hawk Nelson's lead singer Jason has a dog that looks just like that?!

Yes, this is Jason's dog Murphy on the cover!!!


The album comes out September 22nd, so brace yourself for awesome new Hawk music! 

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Aug 26 2009
How Air 1 artists do ... DATE NIGHT!

I LOVE this!! Joe from Seventh Day Slumber and Korey from Skillet shared via Twitter what they did for Date Night this week:

My wife Lori is so beautiful! We are having a great dinner at Olive Garden!! Wow I'm really married to this woman!!!!!!! Joe My hot hubby takin me2placido domingo and yoyo ma concert. Too bad ladies,he's mine:) Oops here he is...

And I have to say, wow, I never thought a Coopers' date night included classical music. Cool! :) 

Aug 26 2009
Skillet fainting story!


Jon is Skillet's lead singer and he has some pretty funny stories about their latest album, "Awake". Check this one out:


"My favorite memory from the album recording is when our live violinist, named Jonathan Chu, came to record on a few songs. After he played his parts, he, Korey and Jen were sitting at the lunch table talking about how amazing lasik eye surgery is. They then began discussing how the procedure worked and so forth. Then someone had the great idea to look it up on YouTube. So I walked through the room into the hallway, and the last thing I heard was all of them screaming about how disgusting the procedure is to watch. About 30 seconds later I came back into the room and Jonathan Chu was passed out on the floor and Korey and Jen were freaking out because they thought he was joking! It was NOT a joke. And of course, I started laughing even though it was inappropriate!"

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