Aug 26 2009
How Air 1 artists do ... DATE NIGHT!

I LOVE this!! Joe from Seventh Day Slumber and Korey from Skillet shared via Twitter what they did for Date Night this week:

My wife Lori is so beautiful! We are having a great dinner at Olive Garden!! Wow I'm really married to this woman!!!!!!! Joe My hot hubby takin me2placido domingo and yoyo ma concert. Too bad ladies,he's mine:) Oops here he is...

And I have to say, wow, I never thought a Coopers' date night included classical music. Cool! :) 

Aug 26 2009
Skillet fainting story!


Jon is Skillet's lead singer and he has some pretty funny stories about their latest album, "Awake". Check this one out:


"My favorite memory from the album recording is when our live violinist, named Jonathan Chu, came to record on a few songs. After he played his parts, he, Korey and Jen were sitting at the lunch table talking about how amazing lasik eye surgery is. They then began discussing how the procedure worked and so forth. Then someone had the great idea to look it up on YouTube. So I walked through the room into the hallway, and the last thing I heard was all of them screaming about how disgusting the procedure is to watch. About 30 seconds later I came back into the room and Jonathan Chu was passed out on the floor and Korey and Jen were freaking out because they thought he was joking! It was NOT a joke. And of course, I started laughing even though it was inappropriate!"

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Aug 25 2009
It's New Music Day!

Apparently a whole bunch of artists (or their labels) decided that August 25 was the day for new music. Checkout all the new albums that are available today:

  • Abandon Searchlights [Forefront]
  • Matt Brouwer Where's Our Revolution [Universal]
  • The Glorious Unseen The Hope That Lies In You [Tooth & Nail]
  • Amy Grant Legacy...Hymns & Faith Re-Release [Sparrow]
  • GO2 Push [Universal]
  • J Moss V3...Just James [Gospo Centric]
  • Leeland Love Is On The Move [Essential]
  • NEEDTOBREATHE The Outsiders [Word]
  • Smokie Norful Smokie Norful Live: Deluxe Edition [EMI Gospel]
  • Oh, Sleeper Son Of The Morning [Solid State]
  • Matt Papa Your Kingdom Come [Centricity]
  • Stephen Petree Moving In Pairs [Universal/Dream]
  • Philmont Attention [Forefront]
  • Phillips Craig & Dean Fearless [INO]
  • Matt Redman This Is How We Know [sixsteps]
  • Ken Reynolds One World: One God [Integrity]
  • Ruth The Covers EP [Tooth & Nail]
  • Mark Schultz Come Alive [Word]
  • Selah You Deliver Me [Curb]
  • Shachah Let The Light In [CMR]
  • Sidewalk Prophets These Simple Truths [Word/Curb]
  • Silverline Start To Believe EP [VSR]
  • Skillet Awake [INO]
  • Phil Stacey Into The Light [Reunion]  
  • (Source:

    That's A LOT of new music!! But our favorites are the ones you'll hear on Air 1:

    Skillet "Awake"

    Needtobreathe "The Outsiders" 

    Leeland "Love is on the Move"

    Abandon "Searchlights" 

    Ruth "The Covers" EP 

    Silverline "Start to Believe" EP 

    Listen to to hear new stuff from all your fave artists. :) 

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    Aug 22 2009
    Sad Jeremy Camp News

    From Jeremy Camp's TwitterHello my friends, please read my blog. We have some sad news. We'd appreciate your prayers. Love you all  from Tweetie

    From Jeremy Camp's Blog

    August 21, 2009

    Personally, I (Coppelia) heard from two friends this week who both miscarried their babies. For one of them, it was her third miscarriage in a row. When we go through pain, grief and loss, knowing that God is holding us close and will get us through it makes a difference. You are not alone. Let us know if we can pray for you.

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    Aug 21 2009
    Leeland FREEBIES!

    Leeland's new album "Love is on the move" comes out in just 4 days! Apparently, they're so excited about it, they're giving away FREE stuff! Check it out:


    --You can listen to the entire album FREE before it comes out, August 25th. 
    --Get the FREE MP3 of the title track "Love is on the move"
    --Get FREE sheet music and a video teaching you to play their song "Follow You". (Perfect for church worship bands...I might even use it for mine!)

    Enjoy your Leeland freebies! 

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