Feb 13 2010
VIDEO: Newsboys "Born Again"

This is the brand new Newsboys single "Born Again" with Michael Tait! Check it out!

newsboys "Born Again" *Official Music Video* from newsboys on Vimeo.

Feb 12 2010
Who is Jeremy Camp touring with?

Jeremy Camp is going on a new Unplugged tour this month with a very special guest ... his wife!

Adie is releasing her 2nd solo album this March so it's perfect timing to be taking the family on the road!

Check out what Jeremy has to say--

"“It has been a couple of years since we have done an acoustic tour. I love this type of tour because it is a very unique experience for everyone.  The reason we are doing it, is it brings a different atmosphere all together.  The night is more mellow and allows me to talk more about the songs and the purpose behind them.  They are smaller shows, usually in churches, and it turns out to be an amazing night of worship.  With Adrienne being out on the road with our two girls, Arie and Bella, it makes the tour a great family environment.  Can’t wait to see what God has in store this year.”

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Feb 12 2010
Air 1 artist wins an EMMY?!

Yes, an Air 1 artist won an EMMY--Brandon Heath! This guy is making headlines this week!

First, NASA astronauts played his song in space, and now he won an EMMY! If you know about awards, as a musician, you want to win GRAMMYs, but an EMMY? For TV? Is Brandon Heath also an actor?!

No, at least not yet. But his song, "Give Me Your Eyes" was used in a public service campaign for Nashville Rescue Mission's Hunger to Hope in 2009.

Maybe next time, Brandon will be winning an OSCAR or a TONY for a Broadway show appearance! ;)

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Feb 11 2010
Prayer for a friend

You may have heard of an amazing band called The Myriad.

They were touring back in 2008 when their drummer, Randy Miller, went in for surgery to remove a tumor. He did great and toured again in 2009. But the doctors recently told him the tumors are back and there is not much they can do with treatment.

While the doctors say there is little hope, we know with God you never lose hope! Would you pray for Randy? Let us know in the comments section. I know he, his family and The Myriad will appreciate it!

Check out this video with "The Randy Miller Story". And thanks for praying!

Feb 09 2010
Brandon Heath in space

This is so cool!! Straight from Brandon Heath's website:

"Give Me Your Eyes" was the "wake up" song for the NASA Endeavor crew in space last night. Pilot Terry Virts is a friend and fan of Brandon's music. He invited Brandon down to Florida to watch the shuttle launch this week.

Here's the video of NASA TV's footage of what the Astronauts heard: