Mar 01 2010
Red Update

Did u know the guys in RED run their own websites? It's not monkeys on computers, it's the guys in the band! So cool!! Check out this recent myspace update from Randy:


Hey Everyone,

Well we just finished the first full production, headlining tour of our career and it was a great success. Thanks to everyone that made it out to the tour and supported the bands. WE WILL BE DOING IT AGAIN!!!

We love our fans and because we do so much, we will continue to hang after shows, send you special notes and packages,  have acoustic experiences on tour, etc. Bottom line, we truly appreciate what you guys have done for us and we will always write music that inspires you with all that you have going on. We are with all of you everyday.

So what's coming up??? Well this week we shoot a music video in Nashville for our new single "Ordinary World". We are excited about this one and we will be doing something different that you wouldn't expect from RED. It will premiere before the end of March.

After that we are catching back up with our pals in Breaking Benjamin. We haven't toured with them in a long time and we are eager to do so. We are also looking forward to seeing our friends in Thousand Foot Krutch and maybe making some more friends as we go. Nonetheless it will be a great time and a killer show. 

SOON...we will announce our plans for April and May and let me tell you that this tour has been in the making for over a year, and long overdue...BUT its on, and will be going down starting

April 15th in PA. You never know when we will pop up on Kyte to distribute the news so stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook,blah,blah,blah to get the up to the minute news. We run our websites and have done so from day one. Its the easiest access we have to you.

till then...Rock on like Mr. Donkey Kong!!!

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Mar 01 2010
Turn Your Life Story into a Song

Can you imagine sharing the story of your life with Air 1 artist Matthew West ... and having him write a song about it? And putting that song on his next album?

Tell him your story!


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Mar 01 2010
Choose your fave new Air 1 song!

We just added two new songs to the Air 1 playlist this week!



Fee “Everything Falls” from the album Hope Rising





Revive — “Blink” from the album Blink








I hope you love Fee's "Everything Falls"...



...and our Air 1 prize princess Melissa hopes you love Revive's "Blink".


Which one's your favorite? Post a comment & let us know!

Feb 25 2010
More FREE music: Sanctus Real!

I LOVE free music! Sanctus Real just shared their freebie via Twitter:


Follow this link and tweet the message to get a free download of our new song, These Things...

The new Sanctus Real album comes out March 9th, but this way you get a sneak peek! Enjoy! :)

Oh, and I said "More Free Music" in the title, because you can also get a free Superchic[k] song this week! See the blog post below...

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Feb 25 2010
Falling UP-date

Here's an update on the band Falling UP by our guest blogger, Air 1 afternoon guy, Ashton! (great pic, by the way!)


Hey, It's Ashton! So we've been talking about Falling Up calling it quits recently, but in all reality, musicians don't die, they just start other bands! Especially when you were once in Falling Up. The end means a new beginning!

Here's a not-so-quick recap of the band:

2002- Falling Up is born with Jessy Ribordy, Jeremy Miller, Josh Shroy (The final 3 remaining members of the band), Joseph Kisselburgh, Andrew Dub & Tom Cox.

2003- Andrew said good bye & the band welcomed Michael Humphrey as their DJ, who also replaced Andy on keyboards.

2004- was a good year, mainly because they all remained...

2005- Tom Cox & Michael Humphrey are out. (Cox goes on to his current band Becoming an Archer.) Falling Up then adds Micah Sannan & Adam Taylor.

Confused yet? Hang on, we're almost there!!

2006- arrives and after a few years touring, Joseph Kisselburgh is out. (He now has his band The Send.)

2007- Micah Sannan departs. He's now in the band Disciple (and he's the Disciple guitarist we've asked you to pray for due to a serious infection, 3 surgeries in 5 days.) Adam Taylor also waved goodbye that year, too.(He currently does merch for Hawk Nelson.)

From 2007 on, Daniel Hudleston joined the remaining trio of Falling Up's Jessy Ribordy, Jeremy Miller & Josh Shroy. Who knows where these 4 end up next? Word has it that Falling Up and ex-member Joseph Kisselburgh, now of The Send, are currently collaborating. Think of it like a Falling Up reunion ... kind of.

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