Dec 05 2012
Plumb Has a New Gig!


We all know and love singer/songwriter Plumb for her hit song "Need You Now." Well, she has a new gig!  She is now a "blogger" as well as a Mom, wife, and rockstar!  Here's a taste:


"So…I’m writing a blog. I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘blogger’ but that I ‘have a blog’. So I hope you enjoy my banter and enjoy listening to my inner voice typed out for any to read. If anything…its therapy for me to just get these thoughts out…that way my husband and closest friends don’t have to listen to as much of my chatter. (trust me, they are incredible humans…and have had to get new sets of ears many times from them being talked off)" 

She goes on to write about her kids and the true meaning of Christmas.  I really enjoyed! It's a great read!  Can't wait for the next one!


Follow her blog HERE!


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Dec 04 2012
Kutless Supports Our Troops








After touring around the world, Kutless has had the privilege of meeting many men and women serving in the nation's armed services. Recognizing the sacrifice that those individuals have made, the band decided they want to give back to our troops.  SO they teamed up with Kutless has teamed up with Operation Heal Our Patriots, a project of Samaritan's Purse. 


"We have gotten to meet and interact with service members stationed everywhere from Alaska to Germany, and we are grateful for the stories they have shared with us," shares frontman Jon Micah Sumrall. "Hearing their struggles and stories of sacrifice has both inspired and encouraged us. We hope that our music continues to be a blessing and an encouragement to all of our countries’ service members, but we desired to do more to try and help and impact those who have sacrificed so much for all of us. That is why we created the Kutless Military Mission."


More than 48,000 U.S. service members have been wounded or injured as a result of combat actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the global war on terror since the 9/11 attacks. The Kutless Military Mission Project is a two-fold ministry. They have formed a program to give away free concert tickets for active and retired military members and their spouses. It is the band's hope that these tickets will give these military families an opportunity to be encouraged and refreshed as they enjoy the concert. 


Secondly, Kutless will be donating a portion of all merchandise proceeds to Operation Heal Our Patriots. At each show, the band will be helping to create awareness about this project by promoting it at their merch table. The band believes in how this organization through Samaritan's Purse is taking the right approach to help the military members and their families.




If you are or you have a loved one in the military you can get more info  on how to get tickests by clicking here.  


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Dec 02 2012
VIDEO: Sanctus Real "Promises"


Sanctus Real's new album "RUN" out February 5th 2013!!



Because Sanctus Real is not afraid to shine a light on their own struggles, they provide a way for others to have hope through their music, like "Promises" their first single off the new album "RUN."   This song reassures the listener to reach to God even when it gets difficult to believe in what you cannot see. 


Enjoy the video!!


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