Oct 04 2011
Mark Martel on Ellen!

Mark Martel from Downhere has become a Youtube hit! He was recently on Ellen and if you missed his interview, check it out below. It's pretty funny.

Oct 03 2011
A Positive Attitude...with Switchfoot

It can only take the Foreman brothers from Switchfoot to bring this "Positive Attitude" moment with Afternoons Man Brant:


While here, check out the live performance of "Dark Horses" from Switchfoot's new CD "Vice Verses"

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Oct 03 2011
Family Force 5's Hidden Talents

You think Family Force 5 is good at playing music? What about playing music with their faces only?!

Yeah, I know. I'm speechless as well.

Oct 03 2011
Luminate's New One

The guys from Tyler, TX, Luminate ("Come Home") are back with an edgier sound in their new song this week on Air1.

Touring right now with Big Daddy Weave and Kerrie Roberts on the Love Come to Life Tour, here's Luminate's new one, "Innocent."

Oct 02 2011
Mark Hall: Men Moments, Ministry & Music

If you missed the interview between our afternoon guy, Brant Hansen, and Mark Hall (lead singer of Casting Crowns), its ok. That's what this blog is for!

Journey to Manhood Ceremony:

The Impact of Youth Ministry and Your Involvement:

New CD (Come to the Well) and New Book ("The Well"):