Oct 20 2011
Family Force 5's New Release

Family Force 5 just released their new album "lll" a couple days ago. This is their promo video for it and it gave me goose bumps!

Oct 19 2011
Owl City In Japan

Adam Young from Owl City is clearly SO excited to go to Japan.

Oct 17 2011
Samestate Makes a Video

Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of Samestate's music video for "Hurricane". Warning: It gets real windy!

In other news: It is Dalton (the lead singer of Samestate)'s 23rd birthday today!!!! Go wish him a happy birthday on Twitter if you tweet at all!


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Oct 17 2011
Official Plumb Music Video

Check out the brand new official music video from Plumb and her song "Drifting", featuring Dan Haseltine from Jars of Clay.

Oct 17 2011
The City Harmonic #5 On The Charts!

The City Harmonic hit #5 on the music charts this week in Canada! Congrats to them!