Jul 08 2011
Royal Tailor's Dance Lesson

A couple weeks ago we posted a video of Royal Tailor showing one of our DJs how to do the "Uh-Oh" dance. Royal Tailor recently posted another video of them showing you, in more detail, how to do the "Uh-Oh" Dance. Hope you can follow along! They do some tricky moves! Haha.

Jul 08 2011
Chris August Acoustic



Check out the latest Chris August song "Battle" ... the acoustic version!



Jul 08 2011
Stars Go Dim Giving You Hints

Stars Go Dim just shot a new music video for this song "Hesitate". The video is going to be posted on July 20th, but until then, they will be posting screen shots from the actual music video! Here are some of the shots they have posted so far:

Jul 08 2011
Brandon Heath "The Light In Me" Live

Here's a video of Brandon Heath playing his song "The Light In Me" last time he was at the Air1 Studio.

Jul 07 2011
New Video from RED


If you get a chance to go to Creation Fest NW, you'll have a chance to see the guys of RED live, and probably catch this song.


Here's their new music video for "Lie to Me":