Jun 23 2011
Royal Tailor "Hold Me Together" Live

Royal Tailor recently played their song "Hold Me Together" while visiting the Air1 Studio. Here is the live performance of their song.

Jun 22 2011
Germany, Switzerland, Denmark--Oh My!

Even if you've never been to Europe, Jeremy Camp wanted to bring you along for the ride:

Jun 22 2011
Superchick's Daisy Rock Heart Guitar!

Melissa from Superchick is raffling off her awesome Daisy Rock heart guitar!

From their Facebook page:

You have until July 21 to enter.You can buy up to 5 tickets/person at $10 each. On 7/21, she will do a live stream to draw the winner! The contest is open to ALL-guitar ships FREE if the winner is in the USA, everyone else must cover cost of shipping.


You can click on the pic if you want to find out more!

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Jun 22 2011
Peter Furler Video Premiere!!!

Here is the official video for Peter Furler's song "Reach"

Jun 22 2011
Royal Tailor Showing You Some Moves

 Royal Tailor was recently in the studio, giving Coppelia some dance lessons.

Maybe you can learn some of the moves as well.