May 19 2011
10 FREE songs!

Thanks to Aaron Shust for the heads up via Facebook:

"Grouptune has some deals coming up & I'm on their FREE 10 song sampler! First deal debuts tomorrow! Go to to sign up!"


In case you're wondering, Grouptune is like Groupon for music, where they share daily deals & discounts, sometimes 50 to 90% off. Not too shabby!

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May 19 2011
Peter Furler also paints!

Check out this original hand-painted drum head. Peter Furler (ex frontman for Newsboys) is SO talented!

Click for more of Peter's art!

May 19 2011
A Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our new Air1 Artist, Dara Maclean!!!!

May 19 2011
Fans 4 Life!

Apparently the band Royal Tailor is a big fan of Mandisa! haha! Awesome seeing artists supporting other artists!

May 18 2011
Piece by Piece a Song Revealed

It's not every day you catch a glimpse of the musicians work in progress on a new song.

And that's why Owl City wanted to take a walk away from the usual, revealing the song, piece by piece, every day this week.

So far, drums, bass & guitar tracks are up for you to listen to, enjoy & share.