May 25 2011
Stars Go Dim is Prepared

Stars Go Dim prepares for the tornados. Michael from Stars Go Dim posted this picture on their facebook this morning.

"My family and I camped out in our bathroom last night during the tornado warnings here in Tulsa, OK. Our prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones and belongings"

May 24 2011
A Banjo for Jamie Grace

Not only does Jamie Grace play the guitar, she also plays banjo...kind-of (she's learning it in her spare time).


Here's her creative cover of Needtobreath's "The Outsiders":

May 24 2011
Superchick Gets Covered

Superchick have been posting videos of fans that have covered Superchick songs. Most of them are pretty awesome! Check some out for yourself:

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May 24 2011
Strong Enough in the Eye of the Hurricane

While we're taking a little break from our New Music Videos, you still should know what's new this week on Air1 Cool

Matthew West "Strong Enough"

From his CD "Stories of Your Life," this song delves into the true story of Haleigh and the letter her mom, Tonia, wrote:


Me in Motion "Eye of the Hurricane"

Lead Singer Seth Mosely talks about where the idea for the track came from & how it impacted his life later on:

May 23 2011
One More CD for the DCB

Over the weekend, a HUGE annoucement was revealed from The David Crowder Band. After almost 11 years, multiple tours, & 5 CDs, DCB will be putting out their final CD & going on their final tour this fall. Here's a snippet of the letter to all from the Band:

First of all, we can't begin to express how excited we are getting about The 7 Tour this fall. If you haven't heard yet, we're doing a national tour with some of our favorite artists ever...Now, another reason we are sure this will be one of the most meaningful tours we've ever been on is because it will be our last as a band.

You can read more about the tour, the CD & the heart of the Band to every listener here. Through this all, our prayers are with them!