May 28 2011
Romans and Disciple

As Disciple continues to tour, write music, & take small breaks with family, they're also always plugging into the Bible.

If you ever want to join in reading along with the band and even discuss your thoughts, their message board is alive and active.

Check out this last weeks discussion on Romans Chapter 4 (this week, as you could guess, it's about Chapter 5)

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May 27 2011
Touring with Anberlin

No, this isn't a chance for you to actually tour with the guys of Anberlin. It is however a glimpse into what it would be like:

May 27 2011
Anthem Lights Explains "Can't Get Over You"

Anthem Lights talks about their song "Can't Get Over You" and also shares an awesome acoustic video of the song! Sounds great guys!

May 27 2011
"Listen to the Sound" Video

In between concerts & releasing a new CD, Building 429 brings you the Official Music Video for "Listen to the Sound":

May 26 2011
17 Seconds with Peter Furler


Hard at work promotiong his new CD, "On Fire," (6/21), Peter Furler also has been working on the music video for his song "Reach."



The final edits are being made, but here's a tiny sample: