Apr 06 2011
Anthem Lights gone Bieber?!

Does Anthem Lights have Bieber Fever or just boredom?

Saw this video today and laughed the whole way through.

Check out their sweet dance moves and shades! haha

Apr 06 2011
Kutless Album for only $5!

All this week Kutless is giving you an awesome deal on their "Strong Tower" album!

Check out how to get a copy for only $5!


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Apr 05 2011
A New Page for Remedy Drive...

After years of touring together, the 4 brothers from Nebraska--Remedy Drive--have decided to take a different turn. Here's lead singer David Zach explaining:

"It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that after touring almost non-stop for the past seven years my three best friends and brothers, (they) have decided it’s time for them to leave the band. We were fortunate to have played concerts together all over the world and play in front of some amazing crowds."

This doesn't mean Remedy Drive is done! David and his 3 new bandmates have been writing new music, and you can grab one track for FREE right now.

Click here to pick it up and find out more about what's in store!

Apr 05 2011
1 Guitarist, 1 Performance w/ TFK

TFK has posted the final top 10 competitors that you can vote on right now.  

You can only vote once for you're favorite guitartist so make sure you watch all the videos carefully! LOL

Here are just a few of the audition videos:

Apr 05 2011
FM Static talk about their new album

Trevor, from FM Static, talks about the making of their new album "My Brain Says Stop. But My Heart Says No."

Check out Trevor's cool looking boots in the video too! Loving his style! haha