Feb 17 2011
It's Wakeup Starlight! Brace Yourselves!

Air 1 Sean (from the Morning Show) via Twitter:

Wakeup Starlight on the show today. Check out this cover they recorded. Brace yourself:

Feb 16 2011
Josh Wilson on a Mission

Every musician has their own way of promoting a new CD...here's Josh Wilson's way:

Feb 16 2011
RED on Leno tonight!

Last week, it was Conan. Tonight, RED's rockin' The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

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Feb 15 2011
Welcome to the Aftermath!

The new Hillsong United album Aftermath just came out today, February 15th!

This is the official video trailer + you can listen to one of the new songs, "Search My Heart," on Air 1. It's one of our recent additions to the playlist. Enjoy!

Feb 15 2011
Video: New Music with Nikki

Nikki at Night here talking New Music for this week--A new one from Chris August, plus a new artist, Luminate: