Feb 28 2011
Jamie Grace Free Download

One of the new artists added to Air1, Jamie Grace, has been touring with Britt Nicole and the guys of Hawk Nelson on The Revolve Tour 2011.

To celebrate her time so far, Jamie wanted to share a free download of her song she wrote when attending the tour a couple years back as a teen herself. Click here to see how you can grab the song "Revolvin'"

Feb 28 2011
Heart Messages for Bowen

Sanctus Real is one of the bands we play a lot on Air 1. They're the guys that sing "Lead Me" and they have a killer version of U2's "Beautiful Day".


Lead singer Matt's son Bowen is going in for heart surgery this week.

Bowen's oldest sister Emmy just turned 5, and for her birthday project in school she had to write 3 wishes. She only had 1: "I wish Bowen wasn't sick".

They would love it if you would share a message or prayer for Bowen to read when he grows up.

Click on the "3 Wishes" if you want to share your own wish and prayer for their family.

Feb 28 2011
Share Shonlock!

If you hear a song on Air 1 that sounds a little like Chris Brown or Bruno Mars, it's probably Shonlock!

Click the pic to check out more of his music (seriously, it's SICK!)

And you can also click to send your friends a Shonlock e-card!

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Feb 28 2011
Video: New Music with JB

Our Overnight Man himself, JB, is up and ready to bring you 2 new songs from Hyland ("This Love is Free") & Mikeschair ("Straight to Your Heart"):

Feb 25 2011
Fireflight's Drummer Departing

Seems like 2011 is the year for the saying "Parting is such sweet sorrow!"

After 9 years with the band Fireflight, drummer Philip "Phee" Shorb will be leaving the band to pursue oter ministry opportunities. Here's some of what Phee wanted to express:


“I want to say thank you to all of the Fireflight fans for enriching my life with your love and support over the past 9 years.  Please pray for me as I answer God's call to begin a new ministry as a Christian Speaker.  It has been my highest honor to help make and perform music that blesses people with the hope and love of God.  To Glenn, Wendy, Justin, and Dawn, I love you guys so much and will miss you terribly.  God bless!”


If you want to read the whole announcement, click on the picture. God's Blessings on this new journey Phee!

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