Sep 17 2010
FREE Melodie Joy download

Melodie Joy's song "Savior" is one of our newest Air 1 Hits this week...and you can still get the FREE download!

Plus, you can listen to Melodie talk about her new song and album L.I.F.E. in the video below.

If that album title sounds familiar, it's because both Melodie Joy and Beckah Shae's latest albums are called LiFE!

The difference is that Melodie's LIFE stands for "Living Independently From Evil",

while Beckah's LIFE means "Love In Full Effect".

They're both awesome!

Sep 17 2010
What would you do for a...

What would you do-o-o for a....Klondike bar? No, really, what would you do for...Jeremy Camp tickets?










He's giving away 20 tickets in each city on The Worship Tour!

To win the tickets, you have to do something. And if you're already on facebook or twitter, you're halfway there.

Click on the pic if you want to find out more!

Sep 14 2010
NEW Air 1 Hits Newsboys and Melodie Joy

Check out the new additions to the Air 1 playlist this week:

Newsboys "Way Beyond Myself" from the album Born Again











Melodie Joy "Savior" from the EP L.I.F.E. (sounds like a Christian version of singer Ke$ha!)

Click on Melodie's pic to get a FREE download!


We would LOVE to know what you think of these songs. Tell us here on the blog!

And then check out Air 1 Mixology to help us play more of what YOU like!

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Sep 10 2010
The Wrecking new video - EXCLUSIVE

Check out the Air1 exclusive of The Wrecking's new video for "About to Fall!"

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Sep 09 2010
Dallas Diva for a Day with Addison Road's lead singer Jenny!

Professional make-up artists! Shopping spree! Pedicures! Mexican food & cupcakes!

Jenny from Addison Road wants to make you a Dallas Diva for a Day (since she's a Dallas girl!)

Jenny said,"“My dream job is to be a professional shopper, friend, and food critic! Dallas Diva Day is basically every one of my favorite things in the world and I can’t wait to share that with a fan to support Porter’s Call, a counseling ministry that has literally saved my marriage and ministry time and time again!”

Click on the pic to find out more about how you can win!