Mar 16 2010
BIG Lifehouse news!

Air 1 band Lifehouse just released their new album "Smoke and Mirrors" this month. It's their BIGGEST debut ever! (#6 on Billboard's Top 200)

They also have a featured video on, answering 5 questions about their favorite things.

And they kick off a tour with Daughtry this week in Baltimore!

Click on the band pic to find out more about Lifehouse.

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Mar 15 2010
Thanks, Shay, for the Jimmy Needham video idea!

Shay (Air 1 listener) posted a comment about a funny Jimmy Needham video she saw. Thanks for the suggestion, Shay!

Now let's see if you agree with Shay and think it's funny, too...check it out!


Mar 15 2010
NEW Music This Week on Air 1!

Hey, we're adding these two new Air 1 Hits to your Air 1 playlist, and we want to know what do you think?

Do you like 'em? Love 'em? Or are they just "eh" songs?

Post a comment here on the blog to let us know!

Francesca Battistelli "Beautiful, Beautiful" from the album My Paper Heart

You can also click to check out the video for Franny's new song!

Jimmy Needham "Yours to Take" from the album Nightlights

This is a sneak peek at Jimmy's new album, Nightlights which comes out May 18th. 

Enjoy the new Air 1 Hits this week!

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Mar 12 2010
Life as a Skillet Kid

What would it be like to have John and Korey Cooper as your parents?

John & Korey Cooper (lead singer/bassist, and keyboard player/vocalist of Skillet) know how to rock out...but they're also parents to Alex, their 6 year old daughter, and Xavier, their 4 year old son.


Wanna know how they do it?

Well, Korey homeschools, and then John might take the kids to the park. Later that night, the kids may be asleep while Mommy & Daddy ROCK OUT at a concert (like the Awake Tonight tour they're on right now with TobyMac!) And then they go back on the tour bus and try to get some sleep.

It can be a crazy life, but John was quoted in the latest issue of ParentLife, saying, "My kids have learned to trust God from an early age..."

It's kinda cool to see this side of Skillet. :) You can click on the magazine cover to find out more.

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Mar 09 2010
Addison Road RV Fire

Yes, Addison Road's RV caught fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

But you wanna know what's weird?

Rewind back to September 24, 2009 (6 months ago), when the band blogged this before a tour with Sanctus Real:

"On the way home from a show late Tuesday night we got in a wreck with an oak tree that had just fallen into the road due to some rain and storms. The oak tree won. The van is out of service for a minimum of 3 weeks..."

Rewind a few more months to March 15, 2009, before they went on the Rock & Worship Road Show. They blogged:

"...a couple of weeks ago, our van and trailer (and every piece of equipment we owned) were stolen. Two and a half moths earlier the same trailer was broken into and our gear stolen. So to have this happen twice within three months was a little overwhelming! I mean, seriously!"

The band is again going on tour with Sanctus Real. And after all this, now their RV caught fire.

They lost guitars, equipment, merchandise...

...and Lead singer Jenny, her hubby Ryan and their baby girl Anniston had all their clothes and baby toys in the RV--everything burned.

Here's the deal--they need the RV to continue their current tour with Sanctus Real. They're asking for their fans' and friends' help! Would you consider helping them out with a donation? Or an RV they could borrow?

Click to find out how to help.

I know they'll appreciate it!