Feb 05 2010
TobyMac Triple Threat!

TobyFan? You've come to the right blog! We have a lot of TobyMac for you on Air 1 next week. Check it out ...

Starting Monday, you'll have a chance to win a trip to Nashville for a private, invitation-only performance by TobyMac! Check out Air 1's Tonight Show for details.

TobyMac's new album "Tonight" comes out Tuesday, but you can hear it first on Air 1! Ashton will premiere the entire album on Air 1 Monday night at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

Tuesday morning the album's out and Sean & Mandy catch up with TobyMac live in studio 7am PST / 10am EST.

See?? We really love you! :)

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Feb 04 2010
FREE Flyleaf video download!

How would you like the Flyleaf video "Again" for FREE? Yeah? Click on their picture to get it.

You're welcome!

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Feb 02 2010
NEWS: Disciple band member health update

One of Disciple's band members, Micah, recently needed emergency surgery (3 surgeries, actually) and spent a week in the hospital. Here's an update from Disciple's myspace blog with more details about what we can do to help him out.

And of course, we can always pray for him!

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Feb 02 2010
Me in Motion in Phoenix

Me in Motion was in Phoenix this past weekend for the Rage Fest @ Castles and Coasters. Ashton (Air 1 afternoon guy) was also there, and he shared this tour blog from the guys:


The last show was in Phoenix, AZ at “Castles and Coasters”.   They do a festival here every year called “Rage Fest”.  I really love coming to Arizona,  and especially in January.   It’s always like a bit of a reunion when we play this festival.  So many bands that we know through touring end up here on the same day.  It’s kinda like a family reunion.   After another all night drive through some crazy hills/mountains we made it.  Played for a great crowd and got a chance to meet some great people in the air 1 lounge. 

After our 11am show we grabbed some lunch and decided we should probably catch a few hours of rest at the hotel.  We grabbed the keys which said ‘comfort inn’,  punched it into the GPS and were off.  The trip there was a mere 10 minutes but I was out cold.  When we arrived, I forced myself to wake up,  grab my suitcase and haul it up the stairs to the second level.  “Room 275, “ says Josh,  our road manager.  In my sleepy state I’m a bit unaware of how long we’ve been walking and I start to realize that we’re having a hard time finding the room.   The Hotel is basically in the shape of a giant circle.  Josh says, “you guys go that way and we’ll go this way….surely one of us will find the room.”  As I pass the corner, I ask one of the maids where room 275 is.  She points.  I drudge along.  Well,  we finally met up with the other guys and none of us were able to locate this room.  In a moment of epiphany we finally check the address and discover that we are indeed at the wrong comfort inn.  Ughhhh…. Back to the van,  down the road a bit more, and finally to the right destination. 

In this small moment of ignorance I was reminded that we do this to God.  He is with us everyday showing us things through our everyday lives and, like that hotel address,  we overlook him.  Let’s try not to be like some of the people Jesus talked about.  They only believed in Him after seeing a miracle.  We can see God working if we just open our eyes!  He is at work around us all the time.  


Feb 02 2010
Haiti Help from The Classic Crime

Air 1's Day of Compassion for Haiti yesterday saw Air 1 listeners give over $65k to help people in Haiti through Compassion International. If you gave ... THANK YOU!!


The Classic Crime is another band that's doing their part. They were in Haiti with JiHM (Jesus in Haiti Ministries) just 2 months before the earthquake hit.


Now their passion for Haiti is even greater. The Classic Crime will donate all the profits from the pre-sale of their upcoming album, "Vagabonds" (release date April 6) to JiHM.

Matt McDonald of TCC says "JiHM is a small yet effective non-profit, made up of individuals obsessed with helping Haiti in all the right ways ... This pre-order is designed to provide specifically for relief efforts. It will save lives.”

Check out the video below of the band's visit to Haiti in November '09. And you can click to find out more about the special pre-order here.

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