Jun 29 2009
TobyMac in the studio

They look so serious ... but it's all good! TobyMac and producer Dave Wyatt are hard at work in the studio, putting stuff together for a new album! According to Toby's blog, we should be hearing a new single in August and the new album is scheduled to come out February 2010.
Check out this video of Toby and another of the album's producers, Chris Stevens, talking about why it's taken them SO LONG to record this album ... ah, that explains it. And Ben & Jerry's has something to do with it. Yum! 

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Jun 29 2009
FM Static holds #1 spot!

FM Static still has the #1 Air 1 hit this week "Take Me As I Am". That makes it #1 for 6 weeks in a row! Just in case you love that song, but you're ready for some new FM Static action, check out this video of "Boy Moves to A New Town with an Optimistic Outlook", from the same album "Dear Diary".


Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook by FM Static
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Jun 28 2009
Tenth Ave North awesome quote

Can you "re-tweet" via a blog? I just picked up this quote from Mike's twitter and it is SO worth sharing! Mike is Tenth Avenue North's lead singer and he tweeted something his pastor says almost every week, "If we are in Christ, we are not struggling to be free, we are free to struggle."
Mike, thanks for making us think ...
Talk amongst yourselves ... 
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Jun 24 2009
NEW Jars of Clay video "Two Hands"

This is such a great Jars of Clay video! They mixed in clips of the guys in Africa, during a life-changing trip ... which almosts makes this a life-changing video. See for yourself ...


Jun 23 2009
Decyfer Down closet Journey fans?!

LOL! Not anymore they're not! Now we ALL know that at least one of the guys in Decyfer Down is a Journey fan. (Actually, my husband and I went to a Journey concert once ... and it wasn't in the 80s ... ) Come on, I was in elementary school in the 80s!! 

Anyway, don't stop believing in Decyfer Down just because of that! The guys were simply answering questions for the "10 Questions" feature on Allaccess.com. Some of the questions were normal band stuff, story behind the song, blah, blah, blah. But other stuff, I would never have guessed! Check out their answers: 

Decyfer Down is:

TJ Harris (vocals/guitar)

Josh Oliver (drums)

Brandon Mills (guitar)

Chris Clonts (guitar)


Discography: Crash (May 5, 2009), 
End of Grey (2006)

1. Introduce all members of the band using personality traits.

TJ: Good ole' boy, 
Josh: Determined, 
Brandon: Free spirit, 
Chris: Organic

2. Can you offer a brief look at the band's journey from End of Grey to Crash? What changes and experiences added their voice to this new project?

Coming from "End of Grey" into "Crash," we experienced many highs and many lows of touring and life experiences: everything from an interstate accident to changing lead singers. Through it all, God has used it to strengthen us and mature us in our walk with him.

3. What's the message you hope to convey through the new album?

We hope to convey, through our experiences and through the songs, that God has a plan and a purpose through their life in that he has given everyone a future and a hope.

4. What is your favorite city/venue to play?

Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA

5. Is there any special story behind the radio single "Fading"?

"Fading" comes from us having a background with addictions and how it only takes a small compromise to start a serious and binding addiction.

6. What's your favorite song to play live?

"Fight Like This"

7. Was there a moment in the studio, working on the new record, that you thought, "Ah-ha! Wow. Now we have a record!"?

When we were tracking the song "Best I Can," we definitely knew we had something special.

8. If you weren't doing music, what would you be doing?

TJ: working on cars, 
Brandon: surfing, 
Chris: physical trainer, 
Josh: entrepreneur

9. Do you have much time to listen to other artists' new music? Who are you listening to?

Phil Wickham, Alter Bridge and Tree63

10. Do you have any interesting or funny stories from visits with radio stations/folks?

The last one that we had that was really cool was Way-FM when we got to be a part of the experience of the Circle Bunny song.

Bonus Questions

1. What song (ANY song) do you wish you had written?

"I Can Only Imagine"

2. If you could join any band, past or present, which one would you join?

Brandon: Sevendust, 
TJ: Soundgarden, 
Chris: Alter Bridge, 
Josh: Journey

3. Any musical guilty pleasures?


4. Favorite road meal:

Pei Wei and Cracker Barrel

5. If you could record with any artist (any genre), which artist would you pick?

Steven Tyler

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