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    Date: 2/12/2013 9:58 PM

    I had been struggling to find out where and who I am, living a hard life that involves dealing with my special needs, disabilites and my issues- Bullying, living in the same hell and emotionally overdosing on the feeling of a broken heart, loneliness, and finding the right woman who accepts God. After being bullied in high school, I didn't know God was watching me and the pain that I was feeling. It led me to abandoning my friends and positive outlets, except for a woman I loved spiritually and eternally, in which I never left due to her promise to me- Never decieve. I looked up Christian Rock and Metal, and it was nothing but positive messages against worldly struggles and violence. My heart has been in places where it shouldn't have gone- To misery, feeling that I'll lose someone I love, and walking away from the things that made me happy and wanted to stay with it due to the good friends I had in that environment. My friend from middle school and I listened to your station and when I heard Skillet, in awe, you guys are the reason why my life has been turned around to Christ, and without your music, I wouldn't be listening today. Thank you!! Love you guys!!!

    Thanks for this great story !

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