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    Date: 12/30/2012 7:57 PM

    I am 23 years old. I am a Navy wife and we have a 3 year old daughter. My husband and I got married on July 15, 2011. Since then, we have gone through so many things. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in January of 2012. My husband had to be placed on temporary shore duty, due to my health and lack of family support. I found out in September of 2012, I found out that I had a defect in my skull that was causing me to spontaneously leak Cerebral Spinal Fluid out of my nose. I had to have invasive brain surgery on October 31. Through all of this, God has been a strong tower for me and my family! He is so good! My best friend Georgia, who lives in Phoenix, told me about air 1. I found the station in my area and that is all I listen to in my car. It is so uplifting! And what a joy to hear my precious 3 year old daughter to sing about the promises of God! Thank you for your heart for God and providing all of us listeners with the word and love of God!

    Thanks for this great story !

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