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    Date: 10/25/2012 3:32 PM

    We have been listening to Air1 for about nine months now. I leave it on in my car so me and my kids hear it every day. I love hearing my three-year-old daughter walking around singing songs about God. My biggest Air1 moment came last week. I struggle with anxiety and depression and last week everything was piling up. On my way home from work my emotions got the best of me and I broke down. We attend and serve in church every Sunday, but I was so tired I was ready to give up. As I was driving home crying the song "need you now" came on. That's when instead of crying asking God why instead I started crying singing the song to him and reminding myself how every time he gives me the strength to just keep breathing. Anxiety and depression aren't something I want to live with but I'm reminded that God will always give me the strength to get up and keep on moving. Thank for being my daily reminder that no matter how hard the day, God hasn't left me.

    Thanks for this great story !

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