May 03 2010
What's new on the Air 1 Playlist?

How about some awesome new songs by Leeland and the guys on tour with Kutless right now, Chasen

Oh, yeah!

Check out the newest additions to the Air 1 Playlist:

Leeland "New Creation" from the album Love is on the Move

Chasen "Castaway" from That Was Then, This Is Now

Listen to Air 1 this week to enjoy the new hits...then tell us what you think! 

Post a comment here on the blog, or check out Air 1's Mixology!

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Comments (7) -

5/3/2010 8:06:43 AM
Bethany United States
i luv leelands new song. never heard chasen
5/3/2010 11:40:20 AM
Amanda United States
I love the new Chasen song!!!!! AMAZING!!!
5/3/2010 12:37:38 PM
Kiara Sweden
Christian bands (to me) are kindaish boring. Did ant of ya guys hear the rumor that Beyonce and Jay-Z are movin' to PA!
5/3/2010 12:52:45 PM
michael jackson kof United States
michael jackson kof
I heard chasens new song, but I have'nt heard leelands.
5/3/2010 7:49:33 PM
Matt United States
Chasen is a great group. They played a concert at our church a couple weeks ago. The lead singer Chasen is rock solid. Keep playing them on Air 1, please.
5/3/2010 10:11:39 PM
Kaitlyn United States
THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR PLAYING NEW CREATION!  I like to call myself Leeland's biggest fan Tong  I've wanted to hear that one on the radio!!

I heard the Chasen song and just LOVE it!  Awesome!!!!  Great choices!!
5/6/2010 10:19:37 AM
Starla United States
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Chasen song! Can't wait to hear more from them!