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  • For Eric Allen, the best part of working at Air1 is knowing that while he’s having a great time, he’s also helping people who are searching for something they can hold on to in this got-to-have-it-all culture: God. Whether he’s talking about Jesus or giving us the latest scoop on an artist, Eric’s roll-with-it spontaneity always makes Air1 fun to listen to. Well, that and his uncanny aptitude for finding humor in everyday life (Remember the day he admitted on-air to dropping his cell phone in the toilet?)

    Eric’s ability to look on the bright side and spot humor in nearly every situation (plus a knack for quoting lines from goofy Will Ferrell movies) helps him juggle a plethora of roles from Air 1 announcer to husband, father-of-two, youth basketball coach and dedicated church leader. With this plate-full of responsibility and being raised in the bustling city of Chicago, Ill. you’d think he’d be pulled as tight as a guitar string, but a combination of solid radio experience coupled with his sunny personality and laidback, humble attitude keep him grounded in his faith and planted firmly on his path. Maybe that’s why Eric climbed steadily through the radio ranks over the years from his first job in college as a part-time announcer at WONU in Chicago to an announcer on Air1 Radio Network.