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  • How cool is it that we get to hang out, love on God, and listen to awesome music? That is what I love about being a part of the Air 1 team! God brought me here to serve Him and that is what I call a dream gig.

    I have been in radio and TV for about a decade now. I just have way too much fun doing it. Because I am a radio gal, I’ve lived and traveled all over the states. I grew up in Connecticut but have been on the road since I was 18yrs old. I spent a lot of time in Texas…I have to say that’s my fave place. My family is in Jacksonville, FL.  That's my brother, his wife, my 2 beautiful nieces, and my God-Mom.  Both my parents lost their battles with cancer and are now hangin' with Jesus in Heaven.  I have 2 of my very own special angels.

    I am a huge NASCAR fan! Let’s go racin’ boys and girl!! Seriously, on race days I shut off my cell phone so no one can interrupt! I am a news geek too! LOVE all sorts of news and info-tainment. I love all those news programs on TV that are all about forensics, CSI stuff, and court room dramas. I have 2 Chihuahuas, Ricky and Roxy, they are my kids, of course my dad wants grandbabies, but instead he has “grandpups.” I also love to work out, watch TV, go to the movies, hang out on Facebook and follow Twitter. My dream is to do missions someday. Oh yeah, and sushi is my fave food!

    My life has been filled with its ups and downs; it’s been a crazy ride! I do have a past that God has saved me from. Since He has blessed me with His Grace, He has never left me, how awesome is that?? He has made my life richer, gave it meaning. I am far from perfect, I have daily struggles just like you, but with God on my side my life is filled with faith and hope and you know what’s really cool??? Now I get to share His love with you on Air1. AMEN!